Marking Guide

Marking Guide

Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Magazine Titles

DUE: Friday 30th November

1. Choose 6 magazine titles
2. Cut/Print so you can stick them on paper OR Copy/Paste from internet on to Word document
3. Discuss the following for each title:

  • Denotations of your chosen title
  • Connotations of your chosen title
  • Which magazine is this title from? What does the font say about the target audience?

Denotations of this magazine title are: serif font, uniformed height, red colour.

Connotations of this magazine title are: Masculine, Stylish, Wealthy and Articulate

I found this font on the cover of Men's Health magazine. The font signifies to me that the audience are men, who like to look after themselves, to look good. The red colour used could also signify that men want to attract members of the opposite sex as it is a seductive colour.