Marking Guide

Marking Guide

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Year 11 Homework

Over the next few weeks you will need to spend some time completing you coursework.

In order to this there are a number of pieces that can be done at home...

Music video genre analysis
Artist branding case study
Pro Green Storyboard using Pixton.
Video Directors Task

You will need to pick up the work from the Media Student Shared drive and take it home to do.

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Font Sheet Homework

Your Task is to create your own font sheet.

Step 1 - Find as many images of different fonts as you can, create a collage of the fonts (on paper or photoshop) Scan it and put in on your blog.

Step 2 - Find 6 of your favourite fonts, type them out and then draw them. (Scan them to put them on your blog)

Step 3 - Write about each of the 6 fonts that you have chosen, state why you like them and wht connotations that they have.

Step 4 - Pick your favourite Font. Why is that font the best font?

Below is the example that has been shown in class...