Marking Guide

Marking Guide

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Y10 Connotation/Denotation homework - Due Wednesday 11th Spetember

Your homework for this week is to write up the Denotation and Connotation of the album covers on row 3 and 4 from the following website:

So, that's from Iron Maiden to Tutu inclusive. Include the album covers in your blog post.

REMEMBER! Key words:

Denotation: A literal description of what you can see.

Connotation: The associated meanings of what you see.

For example: The denotation of this image is - A red heart with bevelled edges and a shadow on the bottom right, as if lit from the top left. Try to be as descriptive as possible for denotation please.

The connoation of this image would be - Love, romance. Use your imaginations for the associated meanings please. Justify your reasons.

To be completed on your blogs as a new post by Weds 11th September 2013.

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