Marking Guide

Marking Guide

Friday, 27 September 2013

Year 10 Representation Homework - Due Wed 2nd Oct

Write 300-400 words discussing whether or not you agree with the following statements. Use examples from hip hop music videos to support your response.

Hip hop presents a very rigid and narrow version of manhood - one that suggests that to be a "real man" you must be strong and tough, you must have a lot of women and money, you must always be in control, and you must always dominate women and other men.

If you do not live up to these ideals, you will be ridiculed for not being man enough. You will be called names like "soft, weak and wimp".

This need to conform to the narrow definition of manhood in hip hop is a trap for men, boxing them into a restricted, unhealthy style of manhood and masculinity.

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