Marking Guide

Marking Guide

Thursday, 19 September 2013

Y10 Homework - Photoshop Evaluations - Due Wednesday 25th

Your homework for this week is to write your evaluation for your first photoshop images. 

This blog post MUST contain your final image and a note of what you like about it and what you think could have been better. 

It should be written in standard English, and detail what you have learned from using photoshop so far.

For example... 

"My final image looks like a Ravens Wood TV logo, I'm happy with it because I managed to use a colour gradient and choose my own font. The font connotes wealth, and opulence because it is a serif font. I chose green as a colour because it matches the school logo, but also goes with my theme of rugby. The main images that I have found make my theme clearer and I'm happy that I managed to re-size and position them effectively. The overall effect is visually striking and communicates my design ideas well. 

For my image to be even better I could have spent more time choosing my main images to give the overall logo more impact. Although I like my colour gradient, in places the blur effect around my main images is obscured because I didn't use the magic wand tool properly. I need to practise photoshop more in my own time in order to improve."

This is NOT an opportunity for you to complain because you lost a password or had another technical issue, or because you weren't given enough time or attention to complete the task. We understand this is your first photoshop task and will not be judging your final piece for this too harshly. We would rather you celebrate what you have accomplished on this first go and point out how you could improve.

The deadline for this homework is Wednesday 25th September. It will form your first formal assessment for GCSE Media Studies, so make it impressive and don't submit it late please!

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